Art of Healing: an inspired fundraiser

Art of Healing: an inspired fundraiser

Ed Hill contributed this work entitled Goose Group, acrylic on canvas, 46 cm by 61 cm.

“I paint B.C. ‘wow’ moments simply because they are healing for my soul,” Sunshine Coast artist Ed Hill writes in a note accompanying his submission to the Art of Healing, the Sechelt Hospital Foundation’s upcoming exhibit and fundraising event.

Hill is one of 36 local artists – inspired by the theme of healing – who have donated a work to the fundraiser, which culminates on the weekend of Oct. 19 to 21. That’s when all the artworks will be on display at Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club in Roberts Creek as a venue in the annual Art Crawl. Then at a gala on Saturday, Oct. 20, some ticket holders will be able to take home one of the 36 pieces, valued between $500 and $5,000.

“Every artist who agreed to be in this exhibit has a deep feeling for the spirit of healing in their work, not only for the viewers of the work but for themselves as they create each piece,” foundation executive director Jane Macdonald said in an interview. “They experience part of the healing process through the act of creation.”

Among other artists who donated are Morley Baker, Julia Dodge, Leif Kristian Freed, Gigi Hoeller, Elaine Hunter, Motoko, Susan Point, Jan Poynter and Christy Sverre. A complete list can be found on the foundation’s website.

To acquire one of the artworks involves buying a $500 Collector Ticket, but as only 36 tickets will be sold (and a few were still available as of publication), a “win” is assured.

There are other ways to be part of the action. Those holding a $50 Supporter Ticket can attend the Oct. 20 event and bid in a special live auction, emceed by the Coast’s hilarious and preeminent auctioneer (and painter) Ed Hill.

“Ed has this wealth of experience of running these auctions,” Macdonald said. “He really understands what makes a crowd tick and what’s going to delight them.”

And for $20, whether or not you plan to attend the Art of Healing event, you can buy into a raffle with a prize of two round-trip tickets to Paris, plus $2,500 cash.

Macdonald emphasizes that this event is not just about a fun evening and some very good art, but it serves an ongoing and crucial Sunshine Coast charitable organization.

“The proceeds go to what we’ve been doing for the past 20-odd years, and that is purchasing the equipment or funding the renovations or construction of facilities for healthcare on the Coast,” she said. “All will go to the area of greatest need.”

Though final decisions are yet to be made, Macdonald said that high on the list of priorities are a state-of-the-art mental health and substance abuse treatment facility and another operating room for the hospital.

Since 1995, the Sechelt Hospital Foundation has raised and invested more than $15 million in new medical equipment, facility improvements and health care education.

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