Funding Priorities

Healthy Inside & Out: 2019 – 2021

The Sechelt Hospital Foundation has a clear vision of our coastal community.  We see a place where personal health, emotional support, physical care and life saving services are robust and made available through our healthcare system, the expertise of our physicians and health care staff and the generosity of our donors.  We see a community where caring is an action word, a defining principle, and a shared commitment.

Over the next three years, Sechelt Hospital Foundation will focus on three core areas to support our promise, the best medicine is localhealthy bodies where we purchase equipment to diagnose and treat our community members; healthy spaces where we breathe new life into old buildings at Sechelt Hospital and in our community health care facilities, and; healthy minds where we enhance health and wellness through supporting professional development of health care staff and the promotion of proactive, preventive measures through an informed public.

Equipment requirements:

Cardiac Monitors for our Critical Care and Emergency Departments.  On an annual basis, over 19,500 nights are spent in hospital, some requiring the constant monitoring and care for patients in critical condition.
15 units and their installation:  $450,000 – APPROVED AND FUNDED

Upgrade to our Imaging Department’s Xray machine and system to allow doctors to gain immediate and detailed information on the near 57,000 radiology tests performed each year.   Equipment Cost: $450,000\

Environment / Space Requirements:

Currently, Sechelt Hospital conducts 2500 surgeries in a space designed in the late 1960s.  Expansion requires an overhaul of the current Surgical Services and recovery area to handle the increased demand for day-surgery procedures on the Sunshine Coast.
Estimated cost: $ +/-  millions- tbc.

Environment / Space Requirements, cont’d…

Renovation of Sechelt Hospital’s Imaging Department to accommodate the new xRay Suite.  Renovation of space: $200,000.

A Wellness Garden to address the need for more green space on the grounds of Sechelt Hospital and to serves as a sanctuary for patients, visitors and staff as well as a place to honour the memory of loved ones.   Estimated cost: $ +/- 300,000 – tbc.

A purpose built, welcoming and respectful Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment facility to replace the current care units with a dignified, safe and inspired space for the provision of care.  From support group meeting space to inpatient care units; from safe detox facilities, community outreach, harm reduction clinics, to 24 hour support services…a future Mental Health facility will help us address one of the most pressing issues in our community.
Estimated cost: $ +/- millions – tbc.

Ongoing commitment for Foundation House, a rental property the Foundation provides for visiting physicians, health specialists and medical students to ensure we accommodate and welcome health care professionals who may someday call the Coast home.
Annual cost: +/- $30,000.

A facility renovation for Dementia and Respite care services for members in our community who face a prevalent health challenge among our aging population.
Estimated cost: +/- millions – tbc.

Education Requirements:

The continuation of MedTalks as a community health promotion and wellness series of relevant and timely topics with direct connection to community support groups and services available on the Sunshine Coast.
Estimated Cost:  $10,000 per annum.

Staff Education Fund supporting the professional development of Sechelt Hospital and Sunshine Coast health care staff.  Enabling our health care teams to continually upgrade their knowledge to ensure we have highly skilled professionals during our greatest hours of need.
Estimated cost: $15,000 per annum.

Fulfilling these goals will require the support of many individuals, organizations and community groups.  Having access to the best medicine on the Sunshine Coast is a priority for all residents, of all ages and stages of life.  Sechelt Hospital Foundation regards the fulfillment of these goals and the stewardship of all donor contributions to be our greatest responsibility.